Personal Info

From guitar to violin

After growing up in a musical family, Hagen first learned to play classical guitar and then became a guitar maker. After finishing his training in Markneukirchen, her switched to violin making. In 1990 Hagen began to work for the Roderich Paesold Company in Bubenreuth. During this time at Paesold/Hoefner, he learned all aspects of violin making but he was also responsible for purchasing the wood for the instruments. This allowed him to acquire a special competence in the selection of tone woods. In 2004 he passed successfully the master examination.

Independent violin making

In 2001 Hagen Weise and Klaus Clement founded their own workshop. In collaboration, they successfully managed the Clement & Weise oHG for nine years. Since 2010, master violin maker Hagen Weise now dedicates himself to producing fine violins, violas, and cellos in his own workshop.