Our Mission

What the carving knife is to the violin maker, the instrument is to the musician - his most important tool. We have made it our mission at Hagen Weise Violins, to deliver to each musician his individual tool.

For amateurs and individualists

From the affordable instrument for the ambitious amateur to the highly individualized solo violin, viola or cello: in our shop, you will find a broad offering of models based on the classical masters-models which have withstood the test of time and proven themselves to satisfy the highest professional demands. Each individual instrument crafted by us with hand and heart, distinguishes itself through easy response, power, and an excellent dynamic range. In addition, before we allow an instrument to leave our shop, we make sure as a matter of course, that we pay the utmost attention to its set-up in order to guarantee optimal playability.

Uttermost diligence and best material

We achieve the excellent qualities of our instruments through the diligent selection of material and model and we guarantee them to you through our meticulous individual finish work. Just as each musician has his own style, this precision is our trade mark.

Opportunities for extensive try-outs and specialized service

We want to offer to as many musicians as possible the opportunity to select and play our instruments under the best conditions feasible. Hagen Weise Violins therefore collaborates closely with the retail specialist, your local violin maker, in order to ensure that you are presented with both a good selection as well as a qualified consultation.

We would be happy to let you know where you can try out and play Hagen Weise string instruments.

Please contact us at or give us a call at +49 170 939 15 32.

We would look forwards to hearing you play.